Why Dubli is trending in San Diego and begging Ebay to “Come at me, bro”

DubLi can now call itself a world for shoppers. Much more than a retail shopping portal, it offers several ways to shop plus a way to make shopping your business.

And ever since team WUKAR called San Diego their home, the cash-rewards phenom is trending big-time in San Diego.

Is it a scam? Far from it…even this Dubli scam-buster says Dubli is legit.

Literally, one can benefit from DubLi in at least 5 different ways, whether it’s simply to get great deals on items you’d like to purchase, or you’d like to make a go of it and set up your own multi-level-marketing business yourself or through their Partnership Program.

Do you know paid traffic? The opportunities are killer. With the right MLM blog and leads, the possibilities are killer.

Click through to top merchants and get cash back, purchase your own “branch” of the business and set up your own shopping portal with DubLi, or sign up as a VIP and get the ultimate rewards package. It doesn’t matter what you do: DubLi will offer you benefits no matter how you participate.

Ok, San Diego MLM-haters, relax.

We’re talking Ebay here, with a twist.

But it’s the auction area of Dubli that’s got us all in a tizzy. Finally it looks as if there’s an alternative to eBay, and it’s about time! So, if you haven’t yet discovered DubLi’s auction area, you’re in for a treat. Before you head over there to check if out for yourself, however, here’s a short “primer” on why DubLi’s auctions totally rule.

We call it 3 Reasons to Use DubLi Over Ebay…

Reason #1: Reverse Auctions are Way Better

The idea with a reverse auction is to purchase an item at the lowest price. Instead of bidding up the price like you do in eBay, reverse auctions have you bid down the price. Whoever bids the lowest gets the item!


Sounds too good to be true…and actually that’s not the whole story. You see, one much purchase bids. Every Dubli member has a stash of Dubli credits, which they can earn via different methods (purchase them, win them, earn them via various membership levels). The credits are what’s used to bid down the price of an item.

Reason #2: Unique Bidding is Definitely Where It’s At

Our personal favorite way of bidding on auction items is the wonderful invention called “Unique Bidding”. DubLi’s developers are brilliant for including this amazing method in their ways to win auction items.

Here, to win an item you must not only give the lowest bid, but it must also be a unique bid. Therefore, someone who bids the absolute lowest will not necessarily win the item if someone else bid that same exact amount. You must be the only person bidding that dollar amount, and it must be the lowest unique bid to win.

Part auction, part The Price is Right, this is an incredibly addictive way to purchase items because more often than you would imagine, you end up with unbelievable deals. We’re talking 80% off and the like.

Reason #3: Zero Bid

Get this: you don’t win the item until the price gets down to $0.00.

OK then…

Again, as in the other reverse auction options, bidding isn’t free so of course there’s a method to DubLi’s supposed madness. Bidders keep using credits to erode the price down to nothing, and the first one who hits the bid at zero dollars gets the item.

Genius. In fact, all 3 auctions totally have eBay beat when it comes to creativity, excitement and value. Once you take a look for yourself at the world of Dubli, we’re sure you can come up with your own 3 reasons why it rules over eBay.